Back to normal

The good old times …

We all miss the times when we could go out for a drink in the pub without the need for a facemask, see our elderly relatives without fear of infecting them with the virus and shop with confidence without having to keep a two metre distance.

We reminisce about the times restaurants and bars allowed people to mix in groups and when businesses were able to welcome new customers without the need for constant disinfection after every surface contact.  

All these things we took for granted.

Current situation

Businesses have taken a big hit since the outbreak of COVID-19. Not only have they had to deal with falling number of customers impacting business profits, but they’ve had to manage the increased costs of implementing new procedures to keep the premises safe from the virus. 

Protection Zone offers businesses a helping hand – with Liquid Guard® you can keep your surfaces clean whilst minimising the need for constant disinfection. 

Coating your workplace surfaces with Liquid Guard® allows you to return to pre-COVID cleaning protocols

Many potential solutions offer short term protection requiring regular re-application. 

Using a conventional liquid chemical antiviral or antibacterial spray is an effective way of killing germs present on solid surfaces. Sadly, as soon as the surface is dry, the spray is no longer effective, and the surface is ready to become re-infected.

Liquid Guard® provides a bonded antimicrobial coating to these surfaces. It is the most effective, long term antimicrobial solution available today. It kills on contact and provides 12 months’ of residual surface protection. Any germs transmitted to these surfaces by fingerprint touch or droplet transmission are instantly physically killed. These surfaces can now be cleaned using warm soapy water and do not need to be cleaned with chemical antiviral & antibacterial sprays.

To find out more about how it works, head to our chemistry page.

Glimmer of hope

Promise of a new vaccine gives us a glimmer of hope that things will return to normal at some point in the future. But for now, we all must do our best to help stop the spread of the virus.

Liquid Guard® gives businesses an opportunity to return to normal in one aspect – cleaning – where there is no need to constantly disinfect.

If you have any questions talk to our chat team or head to our homepage to find out more. 

How we have helped our customers get back to some aspects of ‘normal’


“We investigated many products that would make our offices safer for our staff to return in greater numbers. We are satisfied that the Liquid Guard® independent laboratory testing regime proves that it has unique long-lasting efficacy that does not appear to be available with any other workplace solution.”

Andy. Head of Facilities


“Although we maintain a cleaning routine, the fact that we no longer need to fully disinfect our chairs between customers has reduced our customer interval from l hour down to 15 minutes. We know that the Liquid Guard® coating is constantly disinfecting our boutique chairs and regularly touched areas and we feel a lot more confident about how COVID safe our boutique is for our customers and staff.”

Louie. Hairdresser


“I am the Managing Director of Simmons & Hanbury, an executive search company based in London. As we started to commute back to the office from July 2020 it was important our staff felt safe and COVID secure. We purchased Liquid Guard® from Protection Zone as we were impressed with the extensive testing that had been done on the product and the length of time Liquid Guard® protects your surfaces and touch points from Coronaviruses and other viruses, once applied the product lasts 12 months (which is brilliant). The product was simple and easy to apply and the instructions were user friendly. We had to do a deep clean on our office every day and now having applied Liquid Guard®, this ensures a simple clean is only needed, this saves at least an hour every day. Overall, we have an additional sense of security now and my staff feel more comfortable that we have invested in ensuring they are the most protected they can be when they are in the office.”

Matthew. Managing Director


HOME 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
House/Apartment 1 to 5 bedrooms 6-8 bedrooms


WORKPLACE 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Office (desks and PCs) 1-15 desks 16-30 desks
Restaurant 1-20 covers 21-35 covers
Retail environment Up to 60 square metres Up to 200 square metres
Hairdressing Up to 8 chairs 9-18 chairs
Health & Beauty/Treatments Up to 8 treatment stations 9-20 treatment stations
Other Premises – Total size Up to 60 square metres up to 200 square metres


CARS & VANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Cars & Vans 1-6 medium size vehicles 7-15 medium size vehicles


CARAVANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Caravan Up to 8 berth Over 8 berth or static
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Liquid Guard is available from the Protection Zone in small and medium sized kits, offering year-long antimicrobial protection for the home and for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs)
For larger pack sizes please visit Nano-Care UK
For product information on Bathroom Wipe-out 365 please click here