Free check-up visit gives you total peace of mind

Liquid Guard lasts for 12 months, creating a bonded “always active” surface coating that physically kills viruses and bacteria in your workplace and home. We appreciate that this is new technology in the fight against the pandemic so, for a limited period, Protection Zone will visit customers’ premises FREE* within the first 100 days of purchase, take swab test readings using our ATP testing equipment, and reassure you that your premises remain COVID mitigated.


This means that you can buy the longest lasting self-disinfecting antimicrobial coating on the market with complete confidence.

We normally provide this check-up service for £129.00 + VAT to ensure the Liquid Guard coating has been applied correctly and re-assure customers that the coating is still contributing towards a COVID mitigated environment.

We are determined to work with our customers to help people share spaces safely and return to workplaces, gyms, restaurants and enjoy entertainment together as soon as possible.

Due to extraordinary demand, we have extended our offer for a free check-up visit to the next 250 qualifying customers that make a purchase on our website until the 31st of January 2021, subject to Terms & Conditions below.

Providing our customers with exceptional service is our number one priority. Our staff are trained to follow COVID safe procedures and will attend your premises using the appropriate PPE.


What is ATP testing equipment?

We use ATP testing equipment to measure the effectiveness of Liquid Guard in real life situations. Adenosine Triphosphate, or ATP, is the energy molecule found in all living things, making it a perfect indicator when trying to determine if a surface is clean or not. The Medical, Food and Hotel inspection industry use ATP testing to quickly verify surfaces have been cleaned thoroughly. The ATP equipment uses pen sized sample collection devices to swab areas and return accurate results in approximately 15 seconds.

You may have seen this machine used in this month’s Channel 4 Dispatches program “How Safe IS Going Out?” where the presenters used ATP testing on several retail premises to determine if their surfaces were clean and safe.

Terms & Conditions

  • Free check-up visit applies to the first 250 customers purchasing any Liquid Guard product between 01/12/2020 and 31/12/2020 in mainland Britain.
  • Protection Zone will contact all customers within 100 days of purchase to schedule a check-up visit to take swab tests using ATP testing equipment.
  • Protection Zone will take between 4 and 10 ATP swab readings.
  • Protection Zone will make all reasonable efforts to attend scheduled visits at the scheduled time. Failure for customer to attend at the scheduled time will result in subsequent re-scheduled visits being chargeable at our standard rate.

HOME 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
House/Apartment 1 to 5 bedrooms 6-8 bedrooms


WORKPLACE 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Office (desks and PCs) 1-15 desks 16-30 desks
Restaurant 1-20 covers 21-35 covers
Retail environment Up to 60 square metres Up to 200 square metres
Hairdressing Up to 8 chairs 9-18 chairs
Health & Beauty/Treatments Up to 8 treatment stations 9-20 treatment stations
Other Premises – Total size Up to 60 square metres up to 200 square metres


CARS & VANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Cars & Vans 1-6 medium size vehicles 7-15 medium size vehicles


CARAVANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Caravan Up to 8 berth Over 8 berth or static
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Liquid Guard is available from the Protection Zone in small and medium sized kits, offering year-long antimicrobial protection for the home and for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs)
For larger pack sizes please visit Nano-Care UK
For product information on Bathroom Wipe-out 365 please click here