Helping raise levels of hygiene

At a time when hygiene measures are moving to new levels to halt the spread of COVID-19, The Protection Zone can now offer our customers a permanent antimicrobial protective coating, Liquid Guard®.

Understanding antimicrobial coatings

Antimicrobial coatings work by preventing microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and viruses) from adhering to a surface and by destroying the microorganisms they come into contact with. With the threat of Covid-19 looming over us and resistant bacteria on the rise, antimicrobial coating is one way to protect ourselves and others against the threat of infection and illness.

While it is important to follow strict personal hygiene practices and keep items clean, Liquid Guard® protection works in between cleaning times, offering products a further defence against microbial growth.

What’s the difference between antimicrobial and antibacterial?

Antimicrobial Technology is effective against a wide spectrum of microbes: this includes bacteria, mould, fungi and even viruses. Antibacterial Technology, on the other hand, is only effective against bacteria.

How antimicrobial agents work

An antimicrobial agent has the capacity to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the surface of a material. Therefore, antimicrobial agents have been incorporated into surface coatings such as paints, finishes and self-application solutions.

The advantages of having antimicrobial surfaces for walls, instruments and particular ‘high touch’ points such as lifts, doorknobs, railings, switches, tables and trays have been known for decades in medical and food preparation establishments.

The benefits of antimicrobial coatings can be more widely applied, as hygiene awareness grows in our schools, workplaces and homes.

Safe surface coatings that look and do good

The antimicrobial solution we use is called a physical kill system, a two-part process that creates a permanent bond for nano spikes to adhere to. These nano spikes attract pathogens and rupture the cell wall creating an instant kill and stopping the possibility of the germ mutating.

Reducing bacterial co-infection at high touch points

“The surfaces we touch in our daily routine can be a vector of transmission,” says Larrouy-Maumus, an infectious disease researcher at Imperial College London. Indeed, the virus that causes Covid-19 – Sars-CoV-2 – can persist on cardboard for up to 24 hours, while on plastic and stainless steel it can remain active for up to three days. Some bacteria – including E. Coli and MRSA – can survive for several months on inanimate surfaces, while infectious yeasts can last for weeks. This only underlines the importance of continually disinfecting and cleaning surfaces that are frequently touched. Antimicrobials inhibit bacteria, mould and some viruses. While COVID-19 is a new disease that we need to learn more about, at this stage just achieving a reduction in microbial co-infections is very important for public health. The technology in Liquid Guard® has been tested for antimicrobial efficacy in accordance with ISO 22196:2011 and proven effective against a range of bacteria, viruses, algae and yeasts.

The basic defence strategy of cleaning our hands and surfaces regularly is agreed. Liquid Guard®’s permanent antimicrobial surface coatings can help play a part between thorough cleans as they reduce disease risks posed by micro-organisms at high touch points.

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HOME 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
House/Apartment 1 to 5 bedrooms 6-8 bedrooms


WORKPLACE 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Office (desks and PCs) 1-15 desks 16-30 desks
Restaurant 1-20 covers 21-35 covers
Retail environment Up to 60 square metres Up to 200 square metres
Hairdressing Up to 8 chairs 9-18 chairs
Health & Beauty/Treatments Up to 8 treatment stations 9-20 treatment stations
Other Premises – Total size Up to 60 square metres up to 200 square metres


CARS & VANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Cars & Vans 1-6 medium size vehicles 7-15 medium size vehicles


CARAVANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Caravan Up to 8 berth Over 8 berth or static
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Liquid Guard is available from the Protection Zone in small and medium sized kits, offering year-long antimicrobial protection for the home and for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs)
For larger pack sizes please visit Nano-Care UK
For product information on Bathroom Wipe-out 365 please click here