Ensuring our homes are a safer environment for friends and family is important to all of us. Bacteria and viruses can be transmitted through human contact and touchpoints but with Liquid Guard® everyone can have peace of mind that their home is the safest environment possible.


Liquid Guard® is the most effective, long term antimicrobial nano coating solution available today. It kills on contact and provides 12 months of residual surface protection.

It works by forming an invisible antimicrobial coating that minimises the spread of infection, bacteria and viruses for 12 months after application is complete.

Protect your home and your family for 12 months for as little as £2.42 per week with the self-disinfecting smart coating technology from Liquid Guard


The water-based solution bonds to surfaces, creating short and long term disinfecting protection.

This means that your home can have an invisible bacteria and virus protection zone working for you and your family 24 hours, 365 days in a row – with one, simple application.

Product comparison


Generic antibacterial spray

Cleaning surfaces with most antibacterial sprays, although immediately effective, only provides protection for about 10 minutes after the surface is dry

10 minutes protection

Liquid Guard® spray

When you apply Liquid Guard® to your mobile phone, remote control, coffee table & kitchen worktop it creates an invisible kill zone that protects your family and visitors for 12 months against bacteria and viruses.

12 months protection

Liquid Guard® is a water-based solution that is odourless, pet friendly
and in dermatological testing was awarded a rating of “Excellent”

Zone touchpoints - Where do I apply Liquid Guard®?

WORK ZONE - Touchpoints
Liquid Guard® Surface
Liquid Guard® Textile
Mobile Phone
Remote Control
Face mask**
Handbag and wallet
Soft furnishings
Cushions and throws
Curtain edges
Light switches
Door handles
Banisters and handrails
Kitchen countertops
Cupboard handles
Microwave controls
Shower controls
Toilet flush and seat
** Last for up to 12 washes using a standard washing cycle


Liquid Guard® creates an invisible, thin, glass-like layer that actively protects your household against micro scratches and enables easy-cleaning without the need for harsh chemicals.


On solid surfaces the two-part system creates an abrasion resistant bond with the first application and an antimicrobial second layer that adheres to it. This second layer is a positively charged bed of nano spikes that burst the negatively charged pathogens that are drawn to it. This technology is described as a “physical kill”, unlike disinfectants that use alcohol which dehydrates or toxins that poison.

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_yoast_wpseo_metadesc Liquid Guard provides 12 months’ protection against bacteria and viruses in your house from one easy spray application.
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HOME 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
House/Apartment 1 to 5 bedrooms 6-8 bedrooms


WORKPLACE 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Office (desks and PCs) 1-15 desks 16-30 desks
Restaurant 1-20 covers 21-35 covers
Retail environment Up to 60 square metres Up to 200 square metres
Hairdressing Up to 8 chairs 9-18 chairs
Health & Beauty/Treatments Up to 8 treatment stations 9-20 treatment stations
Other Premises – Total size Up to 60 square metres up to 200 square metres


CARS & VANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Cars & Vans 1-6 medium size vehicles 7-15 medium size vehicles


CARAVANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Caravan Up to 8 berth Over 8 berth or static
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Liquid Guard is available from the Protection Zone in small and medium sized kits, offering year-long antimicrobial protection for the home and for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs)
For larger pack sizes please visit Nano-Care UK
For product information on Bathroom Wipe-out 365 please click here