When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard?

We all know what we’re supposed to be doing when it comes to cleaning and disinfecting the workplace, but in reality, it’s often impractical to do everything, every day.

Liquid Guard® offers a solution to this – it bonds to surfaces creating a liquid guard (hence the name) which kills bacteria and viruses for 12 months with no need to re-apply. To reassure our customers it really works we offer a free ATP swab check-up visit within 100 days of your purchase. See more information here.  

The computer keyboard is the most commonly and frequently used equipment in the office (or when working from home). Research has found that on average it has 3 times more bacteria than a public toilet seat! 

Here is an interesting test we carried out to show how Liquid Guard® can help you keep it clean and the results were remarkable.

Case Study – Keyboard Test


The keyboard and desk in our case study is used exclusively by one employee from 08.00-17.00, Monday to Friday. The user of the keyboard often eats their lunch at their desk and has been known to have the occasional biscuit with a cup of tea in the afternoon. They give their keyboard the occasional wipe with a cloth or a napkin. However, they can’t remember the last time they properly cleaned their keyboard with a disinfectant spray but admits it may well have been prior to COVID. 

The office is cleaned every night by the cleaning team who clean the desks and common areas, but they do not clean the individual computer keyboards. 

What is ATP Testing? 

We use ATP testing equipment to measure the effectiveness of Liquid Guard® in real life situations. 

Freshly cleaned and disinfected food preparation areas typically score between 20 and 60. Anything under 100 is extremely clean. A common pass mark for food-handling facilities is 150, with a score of over 300 representing a failure. 

We calibrate our ATP machine at: 

  • 🗹Pass 0-60
  • Caution 61-200
  • 🗷Fail >201. 

ATP Keyboard Testing – Results

Not surprisingly, at the outset, this keyboard was not clean and failed the test. 

After the Liquid Guard® coating was applied, the best-possible score of zero RLU was recorded. The remarkable results of “Extremely Clean” obtained after 3, 8, 21 & 29 days prove that the Liquid Guard® coating is actively killing on contact every minute of every day and continues to be a long-lasting effective antiviral & antibacterial solution. Laboratory tests prove that Liquid Guard® continues to be 99.9% effective for 12 months. You can view the full kill list of bacteria and viruses Liquid Guard® is certified to kill here.

We’ve carried out the test on a keyboard using a standard disinfectant spray and by the end of the day the keyboard had a score of 199 – more than twice as much as the one treated with Liquid Guard® after 29 days!


Liquid Guard®’s physical kill ruptures the cell, meaning the cell cannot mutate, helping in preventing the development of pathogens that are resistant to the more traditional disinfectants. So, whilst high street disinfectants can be wiped off in an instant letting surfaces get contaminated very quickly, as shown in our test, Liquid Guard® has staying power and keeps protecting the surface long after it’s been treated.  Independent tests performed by leading European Test Agencies show Liquid Guard® delivers a “full kill” continuously over 1 and 3 year accelerated test periods. These certificates are viewable on our website.

Liquid Guard® stays active for 12 months with one simple application, and with no need to re-apply. We have put a short video together to show you how it works – you can watch it here.

If you want to keep your keyboard germ free and protect your workplace from viruses and bacteria head to our website and check out our range of products. 

Got any questions or comments? Drop a note to our chat team, we always welcome feedback, and we are online to help you!



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***5 Gadgets With More Germs Than Your Toilet Seat (forbes.com)


HOME 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
House/Apartment 1 to 5 bedrooms 6-8 bedrooms


WORKPLACE 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Office (desks and PCs) 1-15 desks 16-30 desks
Restaurant 1-20 covers 21-35 covers
Retail environment Up to 60 square metres Up to 200 square metres
Hairdressing Up to 8 chairs 9-18 chairs
Health & Beauty/Treatments Up to 8 treatment stations 9-20 treatment stations
Other Premises – Total size Up to 60 square metres up to 200 square metres


CARS & VANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Cars & Vans 1-6 medium size vehicles 7-15 medium size vehicles


CARAVANS 2 x 200ml Surface plus
1 x 200 ml Textile will protect:
2 x 500ml Surface plus
1 x 500 ml Textile will protect:
Caravan Up to 8 berth Over 8 berth or static
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